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Founded in 1999, Tiggee is a project management and software development firm
specializing in technology solutions for organizations of all sizes.
Tiggee is a Limited Liability Company based in Northern Virginia with employees
and contractors all over the globe.
Tiggee has over 20 years of experience in consulting for many
of the most high demand, Internet-related technologies such as domain registration,
DNS, SMTP, FTP, hosting, and system administration.

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"At Tiggee, we strive to do more than provide cutting edge technology solutions to our users. We listen to our clients' needs and build upon their ideas in an effective way that will bring upon success to their organization."

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With the technology industry ever-changing and evolving, Tiggee maintains a strong presence by spearheading inventive machine learning and analytics tools that help organizations run at optimum performance.

enterprise retail

Enterprise retail corporations largely benefit from Tiggee's family of products that are fully scalable and are meant to rise to the occasion during unprecedented growth periods.


Tiggee works with SaaS companies that need iron-clad technology solutions on a global scale. The integrations and custom services offered assist in successful web management.


Colleges and Universities look to Tiggee to partner and implement new and ground-breaking software that generates innovative and one-of-a-kind results.

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From technology based solutions to large-scale project management, Tiggee thrives on producing the most efficient outcomes through its partnerships.