Founded in 1999, Tiggee is a project management and software development firm specializing in technology solutions for organizations of all sizes. A strong internet presence is a requirement today for all different industries and Tiggee provides clients of all types with a means to reach their full profit potential.

Tiggee has over 10 years of experience in consulting for many of the most popular Internet related technologies such as domain registration, DNS, SMTP, FTP, hosting, and system administration. We have a dedicated staff with a strong focus on problem solving which allows us to achieve results fast.

Tiggee creates a true partnership with each client that allows our projects to far exceed client expectations. We take pride in our customer loyalty index which far exceeds industry norms.

Tiggee is a Limited Liability Company based in Northern Virginia with employees and contractors all over the United States.

Client Benefits

  • Empowerment to define performance metrics
  • Clearly defined expectations throughout each step of the project
  • High satisfaction rates based on the success on projects with clear requirements being met
  • Strategic leadership and results-oriented focus
Client-determined success measures:

Each organizations needs are completely unique and we allow clients to define performance measures that are most critical to the success of their project.

These measures include specific criteria such as communication, strategic leadership, quality, and integration.

A client survey is then conducted to assess our performance against these measures.

Taking action:

Once performance measures are identified, we collaborate with clients to develop solutions and strategies to reach those goals that leverage strengths and address opportunities for improvement.

Clients are part of the solution:

Clients provide valuable insights at each step of the process for refining our solutions and delivery practices. This process helps address many issues that may occur along the way prior to them becoming problems throughout development and implementation.

Endless Opportunity

Over our consulting career, we have helped form the Corporate landscape of today. There is no limit to your organizations potential with custom developed solutions that Tiggee can provide.

Partnership for Success

Tiggee is not just a vendor, we are a partner. We guide you through the consulting and development process to ensure your project attains the highest possible success rate. Project success gives your organization a higher profit margin and larger revenue stream.

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