Maximize Profits

Choosing the correct technical solution is the most important decision for any project. Let Tiggee provide expert consulting solutions to ensure project success.

Reach New Heights!

If you notice your organizations IT development has grown stagnant, let Tiggee help bring you into the 21st Century.

A partnership with Tiggee brings the industry experience and the knowledge to lead your organization to the best technical solution for your requirements. We understand that each client is unique and every problem requires a custom solution which may encompass a wide range of different products. Our team is fully knowledgeable in a wide array of computing technologies.

Open Source Solutions

Open source solutions promote free redistribution and access to an end product’s design and implementation details. Many projects can be better served at a lower cost by using open source solutions. Let Tiggee guide you to the correct open source solution that will save you time and money.


Commercial off-the-shelf products are alternatives to in-house developments can often lead to great success in short time frames. COTS typically requires configuration that is tailored for specific uses and based on your organizations requirements, Tiggee can set up your COTS product to meet your organizations needs. Let Tiggee help you make the decision on which COTS product is right for you.

Programming Technologies

Tiggee’s developmental team has experience in all of the major programming languages and if your organization is in need of a custom developed project, you are adding experienced veterans to your team. We can provide your organization with a dedicated developmental team that can exceed project deadlines and deliver a fully functional product that meets your needs.

Consulting Services

Tiggee provides professional advice in any particular area of internet technology. We can work internally with your organization as a whole or any specific department that requires expert opinions on internet related services that can help meet your companies goals for the future. We can provide assistance with project scope and planning, business process or system design, and project management support.

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