Meet the Team


Steven Job


Steven Job has been working in leading computing, Internet, and eCommerce industries since 1995. He has proven his leadership and technical expertise by consistently reaching the highest profit potential for all his business endeavors. Steven is also responsible for establishing the partnerships and the business relationships to help Tiggee become a leader in knowledge, experience, and success.

Prior to becoming the President of Tiggee, he served as an Assistant Technical Director for ManTech International (MANT) where he leveraged his experience with Internet technologies and customer relationships to create successful state and government applications. Steven also served as a technical leader at American Management Solutions (now CGI).

Steven Job has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the school of Computer Science and Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

David Miller

Vice President, CTO

From the point, early in life, that David discovered the implements in his father’s toolbox, he has been curious about how technology works. From initial investigations of the innards of his mother’s electric iron, clocks, and various other appliances (at least how to take them apart – the skills to put them back together would come later) he began building an understanding of how the parts of mechanisms fit together. Further explorations followed with tricycles, bicycles and eventually motorcycles and automobiles. First steps programming on a TI99/4A, Macintosh, and 8086 based computers lead him to take programming courses in high school and when he discovered that he could skip study hall with a computer lab pass he was completely hooked.

In addition to managing new technology rollouts for Tiggee, David is also responsible for managing and improving the Tiggee computing infrastructure keeping us on the leading edge of technology.

David has over fifteen years of professional experience in the computing, Internet, and consulting industries. Prior to becoming the CTO of Tiggee, he served as a Technical Director for ManTech International (MANT) where he leveraged his experience with Information technology management, project management, contractor management, and customer relations to create successful local, state, and government software applications, network infrastructure designs and rollouts, and technology upgrade/improvement plans. He also provided technical project management from cradle to grave for many customers.

David Miller has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Philosophy with a Minor in Computer Science from Virginia Tech.

Bryan Hughes

VP of System Operations

Bryan Hughes has eight years of experience in the Internet service industry, with a primary focus in Linux system administration. As VP of System Operations, Bryan is responsible for provisioning, monitoring, and maintaining systems that are part of the Tiggee infrastructure in the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Bryan is also responsible for contract management and procurement for Tiggee’s colocation and IP transit providers.

Bryan has a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from Old Dominion University.

Anteneh Nurlien

Lead Developer

Anteneh brings to Tiggee years of enterprise solutions and architecture experience. He has designed enterprise web applications for state and local government. His knowledge of ecommerce and Internet related technologies has benefited numerous organizations prior to joining Tiggee.

Antehen Nurlien has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Windsor.

Courtney Staton

Technical Support Manager and Operations

Courtney Staton has over eight years of experience in the Internet industry. She has experience in technical support ranging from monitoring and maintaining systems, supporting software roll-outs, evaluation / testing of new technologies, and providing either in person or remote client support.

Courtney serves as a senior support technician at Tiggee and also provides web development services. She offers client assistance with domain and email configuration, routing troubleshooting, and other general technical support issues.

Courtney Staton has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a specialization in Networking and Telecommunications from the Volgenau School of Engineering at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

Endless Opportunity

Over our consulting career, we have helped form the Corporate landscape of today. There is no limit to your organizations potential with custom developed solutions that Tiggee can provide.

Partnership for Success

Tiggee is not just a vendor, we are a partner. We guide you through the consulting and development process to ensure your project attains the highest possible success rate. Project success gives your organization a higher profit margin and larger revenue stream.

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