Maximize Profits

Choosing the correct technical solution is the most important decision for any project. Let Tiggee provide expert consulting solutions to ensure project success.

Reach New Heights!

If you notice your organizations IT development has grown stagnant, let Tiggee help bring you into the 21st Century.

As the technology evolution continues, organizations must find resources to keep up with these changes. Companies must effectively assess which technological developments can provide real benefit to the organization, and understand how to capitalize on these opportunities. Tiggee helps business and government agencies identify which new technologies will provide the highest return on investment, and then leverage those technologies to deploy new business capabilities. The knowledgeable consultants at Tiggee provide our customers with a broad technical infrastructure for exploring, evaluating, and exercising new technologies. Our technology innovation services include:

Technology Watch:

Identify, analyze and track advanced and emerging technologies that will have significant business impact in the next 12-36 months.

Technology Assessment:

We work with clients to assess the potential impact of technology development, both on business operations as well as technical infrastructure.

Proof-of-Concept Studies:

Tiggee can design and construct proof-of-concept studies that demonstrate viable uses for new and emerging technologies specific to your organization.

Performance Testing:

We can conduct application performance testing and modeling to ensure that new systems will perform well in production environments.

User Interface Development & Testing:

We can design, deploy, and test user interfaces using the latest in Human Factors Engineering Best Practices and Methodologies (special focus on Section 508 compliance).


Tiggee provides general consulting services in advanced technologies (e.g., Web services).


Tiggee can operate and manage the full day-to-day responsibilities for IT Departments.

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